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The Workplace

Step 1 of the Ordeal: The Workplace


>The writing process, specifically the part of creativity, is a rare and nocturnal quiddity which is attracted by epic music, late night hours, the coziness of an xlarge sweater and the dim light of a computer screen. Providing these conditions may increase the possibility of finding it.<


Erschienen: November 2015


The Four Seasons

The Fantastic Brain

Step 2 of the Ordeal: The Fantastic Brain


Me - totally bugged: "Another 30-minutes ride to town...yey..."

Brain - all excited: "It'll be awesome!"




Erschienen: Juni 2016


Step 3 of the Ordeal: The Four Seasons


 >They said they would reply within twelve weeks...<


Erschienen: September 2016

Grafikerin: Melanie Bartl







Coming soon...




Step 4 of the Ordeal: The Frustrating Part